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Follow Up to Rosedale Art Fair 9-10/Jun/18

  The Rosedale Art Fair took place this past weekend (9-10 June/18) at Scrivener Square near on Yonge street.  It was my first time and I would say that I would do it again. There were two tents, a large one and a smaller one. I was in the smaller on in the middle. I found it very… read more.

Riverdale Artfest- 2-3 June/18 - Follow Up

          I had an awesome two days at the Riverdale Artwalk 2018. I was surrounded by amazing art work. Click on the link below. Riverdale Artwalk 2018 - Photos I met lots of wonderful people who provided great feed back. In particular, I was… read more.

Rosedale Art Fair - June 9-10/2018

   I am looking forward to participating for the first time at the Rosedale Art Fair. Please see the details below: Date: Saturday 9/June/2018 - 11 am to 6 pm           Sunday 10/June/2018… read more.

Ajax Creative Arts Juried Exhibition at McLean's Community Center

      I am pleased to advise that "Pink Lemonade" was chosen for the following Ajax Creative Arts Juried Exhibition. Details are below:  Date: 29/May/18… read more.

Pickering Artfest on the Esplanade - 26/May/18

 I am looking forward to participating again in the Pickering Artfest on the Esplanade  Date: 26/May/18Time: 11- 5pmLocation: One the Esplanade, Pickering, Ontario My booth number is P7 which is a premium spot.   I will be showing my landscapes and Biblical art in acrylic… read more.

McLean Community Center - Solo Exhibition - 6/Sep - 11/Oct/18

Denise Gracias will be holding a solo exhibition from 6/Sep - 11/Oct/18 at the McLean Community Center - 95 Magill Dr, Ajax, ON L1T  … read more.

Art in the Park - Birkdale - 23/Jun/18

    For the first time, I will be participating in the Art in the Park - Birkdale. Date: 23/Jun/18 - 10-4 pm Birkdale Community CentreAddress: 1299 Ellesmere Rd, Scarborough, ON M1P 2Y2Phone: 416 396-4069  For… read more.

Artwalk in the Square - 10-11-12-August/18 - Shops in Don Mills

I am very excited to say that I will be participating in the Artwalk in the Square for the second time at the Shops on Don Mills. Dates:    Friday, 10/August/18 - 3 - 9 pm               Saturday, 11/August/18 -10… read more.

Riverdale Artfest- 2-3 June/18 - Jimmie Simpson Park and Community Center I am excited to say that for the second time, I will be participating in the Riverdale ArtWalk. My booth number is 44. Date:  Saturday 2/Jun/18 - 11 am to 6 pm Sunday 3/Jun/18 - 11 am to 6 pm Riverdale… read more.

Cedar Ridge Creative Center Student Exhibition - 16-22 April/2018

      As a student of Jay Dampf and Dionne Simpson at Cedar Ridge Creative Center, I am pleased to advise that two of my paintings will be featured in the upcoming student exhibition from 16-22/April/18. See details below: Dates 16-22/April/18Location: Cedar Ridge Creative… read more.