Denise Gracias - Catholic Visual Artist

"The Yearning" was awarded an honorable mention in the Oakton Foundation Visual Arts Competition 2019. This is a Foundation with the noble purpose of  seeking to advance the Kingdom of God by lifting up the good, the true, and the beautiful through cultural renewal, and caring for

the world's poor and defenseless.


I submitted this painting with the following description:


This spiritual landscape was inspired by a walk down a lane in the countryside of southern Ontario. There were dead trees along the path. Apparently, they were diseased. Out of pity, I felt inspired to create this painting.  This dead branch seemed to be reaching up and out to the white clouds above, as if longing to be part of the life around it.  Deep down inside, we all have a deep yearning for something more...something not of this world. We long for God, Our Creator.  Only He Has the ability to recreate or resurrect us, restoring us to life. There is always hope.




I will be having a solo exhibition of my landscapes at the Toronto Public Library at Agincourt during the month of July 2019.


Dates: July/2019

Place: Toronto Public Library - Agincourt

            155 Bonis Avenue

            Scarborough, Ontario

            M1T 3W6


I was very honoured to receive the first honourable mention at the Arthur Show 2019 run by the Art Guild of Scarborough. The reception was held on 23/Jun/19 at Cedar Ridge Creative Arts Centre. There were numerous amazing paintings, which made this even more of a surprise and honour.  The show ends Friday, 28/Jun/19.


Please see details below:


To see the painting on my website go to...


I was so pleased to have my paintings featured on the ArtistRun website. Please click on the link above.


One of my landscapes, "Send Out Your Light O Lord", was one of 35 paintings chosen for the "Arthur Show".



Please see details below:


Dates: 17-27/Jun/19

Place: Cedar Ridge Creative Arts Centre, 225 Confederation Drive, Ontario

Reception: Sunday, 23/Jun/19 from 1-3 pm.



I participated at the Cedar Ridge Creative Centre Celebration of the Arts on Sunday afternoon. It was a little hard for me as Sunday, 9/Jun/19 is Pentecost Sunday. This is a huge celebration for Christians, the day that Christ Gave His disciples in the presence of Mary, the Holy Spirit, the "Helper" that He Promised, who would tell them all that they need to know and who would support them in every way as they spread the Good News to the four corners of the world. I went early at 930 am to set up and was grateful that my artist friend, Mirela Victor, was willing to watch my table for me when I left at 1030 to go for Sunday Mass and attend the reception afterwards.  


I returned in the afternoon and had a great time enjoying the beautiful gardens at Cedar Ridge, the coffee from China cups, treats, and the camaraderie of local artists and people who appreciate and support the arts.  It was a very enjoyable, relaxed, Sunday afternoon.



I participated in the Stouffville Art in the Park for the first time on Saturday 8/Jun/19. The event took place in Memorial Park from 11 am to 6 pm.  The weather could not have been better, though it did get a bit windy. For that reason, I did not cover the sides of my tent. Allowing the air to go through helped stabilize the tent, I think.  


It was my first time spending time in Stouffville and I really enjoyed it. I would not mind coming back in the near future, as it is not so far from where I live.  I did meet a lot of very nice artists and people who appreciate and support the arts.  I would consider doing this again.



Hello Everyone,

This Saturday is the Pickering Artfest on the Esplanade where many local artists will be happily showing and selling their art work.  There will be lots of activities for kids, barbecue, entertainment...


Here is a photo of my booth last year. I neglected to bring my "S" rings...and had to be a bit creative in displaying my work.  Hopefully, this year, I won't make that mistake. :))


My booth is #49


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