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"Sophie Scholl - Freedom" was unveiled today in Berlin, Germany. Please see the 6 minute video in which Paul Grass, Founder of the Religious Academy, provides the background before unveiling the painting.[0]=AZWSPrEljcgwwqTTBGo6ZXCC8_vxqwC8Ija18wAERa_hSHCFp5-EjCyyTEDIkxc9CJ67DV7ZwsPXodrtt9Ng5k6SJ_I2W0tfC5OPkxDVVBqCwoVrnPM-51cXNdFprnsQ6O9kMpOlk6u2az-m5G7Fs9ULuip78VXGJUTY4M05nw-LbGsIa4ysmPsD28EPyFATueDhHeU6l4EyMQIWejAErlES



The AGO accepted submissions on their "Portraits of Resilience" online gallery last year.  They were asking artists to show how they were able to cope with the "pandemic". 


I submitted my painting, "Contagious Joy", with the following description....


Joy is unchanging even in the midst of trying circumstances. How wonderful if this joy could spread like a a virus in a pandemic from heart to heart.



I was thrilled to learn "Contagious Joy" was one of 110 submissions included in the wall of paintings at the Art Gallery of Ontario. Apparently, over 3000 submissions were entered from across Canada, as well as all over the world. 


If you wish more info on this painting, please go to

See the other submissions here...


Five paintings are available for sale at the Art Guild of Scarborough Spring Sale from1/May to31/May/21


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Check out my 5 pieces of art below:







The sketches below are featured in the #SAVEOURYOUTH campaign to speak up for the suffering of children and young people who have no say, no voice, no control over the government mandated restrictions on their freedom to breathe, go to school, be among friends, play sports.....


The sketches below as well as very important information on this subject can be found in the link below:


"The Night That Was Different From All Other Nights" and "Ocean of Mercy" were in the Christ Salon sponsored by the Religious Academy.   The former won an Award of Merit. 


See below all the inspiring paintings in the online exhibition.