As part of its 30th Anniversary Celebrations, the School of Child & Youth Care at Ryerson University, in partnership with Pakistani-Canadian artist Sabahat Anis, and the John C. Eaton Chair of Social Innovation in the Faculty of Community Services at Ryerson University presents:

An Exploration of Child Labour Through Visual Arts  Exhibit and Public Lecture


This event features an exhibit of visual art exploring child labour through various lenses. The art is curated from artists representing many countries around the world and provides for humanist, political, cultural and social perspectives on the global issue of child labour. A public lecture by one of the most prolific child rights scholars and activists, Dr. Tara Collins from the School of Child & Youth Care, will provide context for the exhibit.


Above are my two paintings that were displayed in the exhibition, "Blood Bangles" (top) and "Unlicensed, Uninsured and Unprotected" (Bottom)


I was thrilled that three of my Biblical Paintings were juried into the Artgallery Ring's "Open" Exhibition this September.  "Fall On Your Knees" won an Honourable Mention, the first award for my Biblical paintings...and a huge honour.


In addition, "Silent Night Holy Night" and "Compassion Confronts Contrition and Condemnation" were finalists in this exhibition.



Please have a look at all the other amazing paintings on this website:


 I am pleased to say that "Morning Meseta" was a Finalist in the 3rd Annual Skies Exhibition by EnvisionArt Gallery.


Please see the amazing paintings in this link:


Here is more information on this painting:


I was ecstatic to learn on the weekend that "Still Waters" won an award in the Galleryring Online Exhibition.   Two other paintings, "End of Summer Blues" and "Alone But Abundantly Blessed" were finalists in the exhibition and also on the online exhibition.


Please have a look at all the amazing paintings that won awards and were finalists.


The three landscapes below were finalists in the Highways and Byways Quarterly Art Exhibition by Fusion Art. Checkout all the fabulous art work at this link:


Almost Home

Into the Morning Light

Early Start



Still Waters" and "End of Summer Blues" can be viewed among other paintings in the 4th Annual Waterscape Online Exhibition.  These paintings were chosen out of 422 entries.




Please check out the link below:




Still Waters


End of Summer Blues


"The Yearning" was awarded an honorable mention in the Oakton Foundation Visual Arts Competition 2019. This is a Foundation with the noble purpose of  seeking to advance the Kingdom of God by lifting up the good, the true, and the beautiful through cultural renewal, and caring for

the world's poor and defenseless.


I submitted this painting with the following description:


This spiritual landscape was inspired by a walk down a lane in the countryside of southern Ontario. There were dead trees along the path. Apparently, they were diseased. Out of pity, I felt inspired to create this painting.  This dead branch seemed to be reaching up and out to the white clouds above, as if longing to be part of the life around it.  Deep down inside, we all have a deep yearning for something more...something not of this world. We long for God, Our Creator.  Only He Has the ability to recreate or resurrect us, restoring us to life. There is always hope.



For more information on this painting, please go to link below:


I will be having a solo exhibition of my landscapes at the Toronto Public Library at Agincourt during the month of July 2019.


Dates: July/2019

Place: Toronto Public Library - Agincourt

            155 Bonis Avenue

            Scarborough, Ontario

            M1T 3W6