Five paintings are available for sale at the Art Guild of Scarborough Spring Sale from1/May to31/May/21


Take a look at all the fabulous art very reasonably priced and created by  Scarborough artists.  Brighten up your homes and offices with a piece of art. Free shipping within Ontario.



Check out my 5 pieces of art below:







The sketches below are featured in the #SAVEOURYOUTH campaign to speak up for the suffering of children and young people who have no say, no voice, no control over the government mandated restrictions on their freedom to breathe, go to school, be among friends, play sports.....


The sketches below as well as very important information on this subject can be found in the link below:


"The Night That Was Different From All Other Nights" and "Ocean of Mercy" were in the Christ Salon sponsored by the Religious Academy.   The former won an Award of Merit. 


See below all the inspiring paintings in the online exhibition.





I am so proud to be part of this wonderful show. Please check out all the Christmas art work that is inspired by the true story of Christmas. Scoll down to the Christmas show 2020. My sketch "Do You Have Room for Christmas" is among the amazing inspiring art work.


Merry Christmas!




I will be speaking about the inspiration behind "I Was Born For This" on 6/Sep/20 at 9-9:15 pm MST (11-11:15 pm CST).  Please feel free to watch.

Jay Dampf was a very talented, versatile and inspirational artist who taught me to use watercolours and acrylics. I started art late in life, and took courses here and there with different instructors. However, when I met Jay at Cedar Ridge Creative Centre in 2005, his instruction elevated my work in a very short time. I appreciated how he would allow his students to work on whatever they wanted, as easy or difficult as it might be. I worked on several Biblical scenes, landscapes, still lifes, and even a mosaic painting, in his class. He seemed to have this knack for making difficult art journeys seem his students much self-confidence in their creativity. He passed away on 12/July/20. It was a shock to all his students. I thought we would work on many more projects together. I always enjoyed his company. I'll have to ask him to help from beyond. 

Rest in peace, my friend and mentor.


The above paintings, "Rose of Sharon" and "Crowd of Clematis" were displayed in The Members Show at GAS from 29/July to 16/August/20.