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Jay Dampf was a very talented, versatile and inspirational artist who taught me to use watercolours and acrylics. I started art late in life, and took courses here and there with different instructors. However, when I met Jay at Cedar Ridge Creative Centre in 2005, his instruction elevated my work in a very short time. I appreciated how he would allow his students to work on whatever they wanted, as easy or difficult as it might be. I worked on several Biblical scenes, landscapes, still lifes, and even a mosaic painting, in his class. He seemed to have this knack for making difficult art journeys seem his students much self-confidence in their creativity. He passed away on 12/July/20. It was a shock to all his students. I thought we would work on many more projects together. I always enjoyed his company. I'll have to ask him to help from beyond. 

Rest in peace, my friend and mentor.