Painting Church of Santa Maria Di Lignano - It Was Worth the Trip by Denise Gracias

Church of Santa Maria Di Lignano - It Was Worth the Trip

2017 -Watercolour on paper - 8 1/2" x 14"

This painting was inspired by a long walk in the Subasio mountains outside Assisi.  I was told that there was an old church that was closed all the time, if I followed a path for an hour and a half.  Not accustomed to walking in the forest where there were boars and vipers lurking, I ventured to find the old church.  It was very hot and I got lost a few times, going on a wrong path.  However, when I was afraid, I always met someone very friendly, who helped me find my way.  Eventually, after an hour and a half, I saw the steeples of the church and was so relieved. Much to my surprise, the doors of this "closed" church, were wide open, as if to welcome me in. I went in, prayed in thanksgiving and left feeling very joyful, happy and empowered. 

This painting was part of the exhibition in Assisi 1-8 Dec/17.  It is not available for purchase, but can be viewed at the Church of Santa Maria Di Lignano, in Assisi, Italy. The Pastor of the church liked the painting so much, I gifted it to him.


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