Acrylic painting Come (NEW!!!!!!!!!!!) by Denise Gracias

Come (NEW!!!!!!!!!!!)

Acrylic - 30" x 15" x 1.5" 

This painting was inspired by the Miracle of Christ Walking on water.  Jesus had remained behind as the 12 apostles headed across the Sea of Galilee on a boat. There was a storm, and then they saw Jesus coming towards them. The waves must have been high, with water splashing all over. When Peter asked Jesus to command him to walk to Him, He Said, "Come". 

We all live through fears, worries, sorrows, and suffering. It is all around us. But, if we focus on Jesus, He will share our burden and we will get through it.

This original painting is available for purchase. Please click below to contact the artist.

$400.00 CAD
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