Acrylic painting Compassion Confronts Contrition and Condemnation by Denise Gracias

Compassion Confronts Contrition and Condemnation

Acrylic - 30" x 40" x 1.5" 1.5 (gallery wrapped - sides painted)
The woman of ill repute had the courage to boldly walk into a stranger's home, enter a room filled with men, and throw herself at the mercy of the one she believed could help her. She had certainly set herself up for public humiliation. But, she received tenderness, mercy and love from Jesus. The others condemned her publicly, and Him, privately. 

Please note that this painting has a very interesting history.  It suffered a tear and was run over by a car.  However, it survived. Though I knew how to repair a tear in a canvas (without it being seen in the front), I opted to "forgive" the "sin" and with needle and thread, I sewed it up.  This led me to "embroider the woman's clothing, the table cloth, and the some of the floor.  

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