Acrylic painting Faith Hope Sacrifice by Denise Gracias

Faith Hope Sacrifice

2013-Acrylic-24" x 30" x .5" 

I often contemplate how difficult it must have been for Moses' mother to put her baby son in a basket and send it down the Nile River....not knowing what would happen. We all know what eventually happened and how great her son became. However, in that moment when she let go of the basket, she did not know...and must have had a lot of faith and hope to make that ultimate sacrifice of her son.

As a child, I would listen to the Bible stories being read to me and would use crayons to recreate the scenes from my imagination. Now, I continue to use my imagination, but use acrylic paints instead of crayons.  I aim for the realistic images I see in my mind, using no models or reference photos.  The resulting figurative style conveys the emotion through  facial expression,  posture and color.  The palette and brushstroke chosen for the background reinforces the general mood of the painting. Having visited Egypt, Israel and Palestine several times, my memories of the land influence the color choices and texture of the landscape, sky and background.

In this painting, the sorrowful trust of the mother is highlighted.  All figures are created from my imagination and drawn freehand, though I step into each person's shoes.

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$550.00 CAD