Acrylic painting Fall on your Knees by Denise Gracias

Fall on your Knees

2015-Acrylic-30" x 40" x 1.5"

In the time of Christ, shepherds were outcasts from society by the nature and lowliness of their job.  They must have felt lonely, forsaken and forgotten by the world...but not by God. For as King Herod and his court in nearby Jerusalem and the little town of Bethlehem enjoyed their slumber, the shepherds were given a very special personal invitation to meet the King of Kings.  

The shepherds utter shock, disbelief, humility and joy are emphasized. The gentle beauty of the angel is surrounded by a colorful joyful sky reacting to this unusual heavenly messenger.  The sheep unable to comprehend, sense their creator, and remain still and silent.  
"Fall On Your Knees" was awarded an Honourable Mention in the Gallery Ring "Open" Exhibition in 2019.

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$1,200.00 CAD