Oil painting Just Being With Him by Denise Gracias

Just Being With Him

Acrylic - 36"x 36"x 1.5" 

The Virgin Mary was blessed among women, but she bore a very difficult burden in silence and prayer.  I wondered if she had any days, hours or moments when she could just enjoy being with her Son, Jesus, just like all mothers.

A sense of peace and tranquility is evoked in the viewer in this painting of a mother being with her child with no distractions from within her or outside . Both Mary and Christ are below the horizon, as they are both in the earthly realm. The sky is blue and open, giving a sense of vulnerability and openness, as Mary was so open and made herself vulnerable to God.  The meadow is green and lush hinting at the childhood of Christ. There are no obstacles in the way. The rich soil under their feet hints at the beginnings of new growth in faith that is to come.

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$700.00 CAD