Acrylic painting Morning Meseta by Denise Gracias

Morning Meseta

2016-Acrylic - 24" x 48" x .5" 

During the Camino to Santiago de Compostela (Walk of Saint James), the Meseta (or plains) was skipped by many pilgrims, as they thought it "too boring" to walk through long stretches of grassy fields.  To me, they missed out on the best part.  

On this early morning, the only sound I heard was the wind blowing in the grass, every blade dancing in response.  In the distance, there was a distinct gap between the sky and the earth. It seemed sacred and holy.  I did not feel alone, but surrounded by creation, under the Watchful Eyes of Our Creator.   I was a spectator and a participant of creation.

This painting is done in acrylics in a realistic style.  Each blade of grass is painted with the care and dignity that it deserves, as without each blade of grass, there would be no field.  We all have our place in the world.
"Morning Meseta" was featured in the "Tranquility" Exhibition at the Museum of Northern History in Kirkland Lake, Ontario in 2018.

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"Morning Meseta" was a Finalist in the "Sky" Exhibition by FusionArt September 2019.
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