Acrylic painting Neither Here Neither There  by Denise Gracias

Neither Here Neither There

2016 -Acrylic- 24" x 36" x .5" 

On a daily journey, there is a starting point and a destination.  The middle point is where we are equidistant from the start and the finish. This point is where we can decide to keep going, or return home. 

On our daily journey, there are highlights throughout the day, the morning start when we look forward to a new day that the Lord Has Given us, and the night, as we close the day and retire for the night.  In between, there are those simple moments when nothing remarkable is happening. Perhaps we are waiting in line, distracted, wasting time, not doing what we should be doing.  These are those moments when we are "neither here" and "neither there".  But, we are nevertheless alive.


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