Acrylic painting Send Out Your Light O Lord by Denise Gracias

Send Out Your Light O Lord

2017 - Acrylic - 24" x 30" x 1.5"

To avoid the deadly mid morning to afternoon heat, it was necessary to start walking very early in the morning (at 530 am) along the Camino to Santiago de Compostela (Walk of Saint James).  There was a stillness in morning before the sun had come up.  The road before me was barely visible and the path ahead obscure.  A few lights in the distance could be seen from a street lamp or a house, perhaps.  The trees seemed a bit formidable towering over me.  I would walk on, looking forward to the beauty of the sunrise that would make everything clear. But, in the meantime, I embraced the solitude of the morning.

We can often feel alone and with no direction, physically and spiritually.  We can try to figure our way instead of waiting on the Lord. However, if put our trust in the Lord and walk in faith, He Will Send Out His Light and Truth, and we will know what to do.
"Send Out Your Light O Lord" won first Honourable Mention at the "Arthur" Exhibition by the Art Guild of Scarborough 2019. 

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