Acrylic painting The Best of Me by Denise Gracias

The Best of Me

2018 -Acrylic - 12" x 12" x 1.5"

The darkness of the blue waters was a welcome refuge to the sharp brightness of the sun on the trees and rocks.  What is hidden and dark is contrasted with the open and bright.

We all are human and want the best parts of ourselves to be seen by everyone. The ugly parts can be hidden. This is no different from how we present ourselves to the Lord. We want Him to see the parts of ourselves that we are willing to show. The ugly parts we want to hide.  Sadly, we don't understand that He wants us to bring forth those ugly parts.  If we do that, He Can Heal us, Restore what is good and Lead us to a more beautiful life where we don't need to hide anything from Him or the world.

This painting is available for purchase. Please contact Denise Gracias at the following link:

$150.00 CAD