Painting The Face of the Man of the Shroud (2) by Denise Gracias

The Face of the Man of the Shroud (2)

2019 - 12" x 16" x 1.5" 

The Shroud of Turin has the image of a man who was crucified, beaten, crowned with thorns, and was pierced through the right side.  Only one man in history went through this ordeal. 

This painting was the most difficult one I have ever done.  However, it was a true prayer.  I could not help but feel for the Great Suffering of Christ, His Sorrow, His Loneliness...and even now when He Is Rejected. 

It was an honour to do this painting. May you appreciate His Sacrifice and Great Love for you.


Please see here for more info, if you are intrigued or don't believe me.

This  painting was probably the most difficult one I have done to date.  I painted the entire canvas gold in honour of the King of Kings.  I then used the following paint colours for the Holy Face.

Brown - Christ's Humanity

White - Christ's Purity

Red - The Precious Blood of His Sacrifice

Blue - The Waters of Mercy that flowed from Christ's Heart.

Black - Christ's Sorrow and Death
As you look upon this Most Sorrowful of Faces, remember the Agony Christ Willingly Suffered for you. Even if you do not believe in Jesus, believe in the fact that Someone was willing to suffer and die just to reconcile you with God, the Father Almighty.

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