Painting The Face of the Man of the Shroud (2) by Denise Gracias

The Face of the Man of the Shroud (2)

2019 - 12" x 16" x 1.5" 
This painting was inspired by the Shroud of Turin. I was able to see this very Holy Relic during the Exposition of 2015. As there is no body (since Christ Rose from the Dead and Ascended to Heaven), it is impossible to confirm through DNA analysis that this is the Shroud of Christ. However, the Man of the Shroud was crucified, beaten, crowned with thorns,  was pierced through the right side.  Only one man in history went through this ordeal. Further, the images of coins over the eyes were from the first century AD.  There is pollen on the shroud that is from plants that existed in Jerusalem during the first century AD. The amount of evidence, as well as mysterious findings are quite astounding. Please see here for more info, if you are intrigued or don't believe me.

This  painting was probably the most difficult one I have done to date.  I painted the entire canvas gold in honour of the King of Kings.  I then used the following paint colours for the Holy Face.

Brown - Christ's Humanity

White - Christ's Purity

Red - The Precious Blood of His Sacrifice

Blue - The Waters of Mercy that flowed from Christ's Heart.

Black - Christ's Sorrow and Death

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