Painting The Moment Before The Call by Denise Gracias

The Moment Before The Call

Watercolour - 22" x 30" - Watercolour Paper

James and John were busy at work, mending their fishing ne when Jesus Called them. I imagine it was early morning, as they probably had been fishing all night without success. They were probably very immersed in their work and not for a second suspecting their lives (and ours) would be changed forever in the next moment.

The sense of absolute unawareness on the apostles part is highlighted in this painting. Jesus is behind them and unseen. Watercolors were chosen for this painting to give a sense of the seashore and the delicate morning.  The colors reflect the sense of hope.  It is usually in those moments when we lose ourselves in what we do and are living in the moment that we are Called to something far greater. We never know when our lives will be changed.

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$200.00 CAD