Acrylic painting Winter Dusk by Denise Gracias

Winter Dusk

2020-Acrylic - 24"x30"x1.5"

I was on retreat in January of 2016 at the Jesuit Retreat Centre in Guelph, Ontario.  In the evenings, I would take long walks along trails in the snow. It was completely silent. The snow was that blue that glistens and can never be adequately described in words.  As I returned, I remember being sure I could hear a choir singing.  It sounded angelic. I wondered if there was gathering nearby...though it was past Christmas. Yet, it sounded like it came from above.  

I walked on and turning back, there was such a beautiful rosy peach hue in the sky.  I took a photo with my cell phone camera...and knew it would be a painting one day.  

Here it is...

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