About the Artist...






Denise Gracias is a self-taught emerging Toronto artist. As a child, she would draw people and nature from her imagination. Bible stories inspired her. She won art contests and sold drawings to other students for a dime which was a fortune to a child back then. She painted murals and backgrounds for school plays.  Her teachers encouraged her to pursue art.  However, she went the other way and eventually found herself in a clinical, analytic, scientific career in the pharmaceutical industry.


Denise regrets nothing as her job fulfilled her dream of travelling all over the world even working in the artsy city of Barcelona, Spain for three years.  It was here that her love for art was rekindled and upon her return to Toronto, Canada, she also returned to creating art…after an absence of three decades.


As if getting re-acquainted with long-lost childhood friends, Denise spent time getting to know her art mediums again. Soon she was back to drawing and painting Bible stories and landscapes with pencils, water colours and acrylics


Her Biblical scenes are a culmination of her emotions and reflections on the Bible as well as her memories of the physical land. She ponders the time of day, the weather, temperature, mood.... She wants viewers to experience the triumph of joy over sorrow and of light over darkness.


Her landscapes reflect the mystery of creation. How does creation sustain itself?  How integral is the blade of grass to the field? Who fills the streams, seas, rivers, and oceans? Who chose that delicate pink in the rose, or vibrant yellow in the daffodil? How can there be so many shades of green in the forest? She wants to eventually meet the Supreme Artist Who Created all these wonders.