Denise Gracias - Catholic Visual Artist

Artist Bio and Statement


As a child, Denise Gracias would use crayons to recreate stories from the Bible and nature. She would contemplate a Bible story read to her in class and bring it to life. She also loved drawing trees, flowers, forests and fields. However, after leaving grade school, she stopped drawing and painting and worked in the pharmaceutical industry for three decades. She lived in Spain for three years, from 1999 to 2002, and it was here that her love to draw and paint returned.


Upon her return to Toronto in 2002, she took recreational art courses at OCAD and Cedar Ridge Creative Arts  Center.  She worked with watercolours for a few years and then moved on to acrylics, which she uses primarily now.


She continues to paint Biblical scenes from her imagination, as well as landscapes from her travels, and still life paintings of nature. While her faith inspires, informs and supports all her creations, the message is universal- We all have God-Given dignity that we did not earn, but receive for just being.  There is hope, healing and redemption after disappointment, darkness, and even death. 


Painting "The Yearning", won an Honorable Mention in the Oakton Christian Artists Competition in 2019.


Painting"Send Out Your Light O Lord", won first Honorable Mention in the Arthur Show by the Art Guild of Scarborough in 2019.


Painting "Early Start" was awarded "Special Merit" by the Art Guild of Scarborough in 2018.


Recipient of an Ontario Art Council Exhibition Grant in 2017.



Painting, "Morning Meseta" and "Send Out Your Light O Lord" were published in the BIG SCARBOROUGH ART BOOK in 2017.



She welcomes questions on her paintings or faith.


Please contact her (via this webpage where indicated under "Contact" or directly at


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