Artist Bio and Statement


As a child, Denise Gracias would use crayons to recreate stories from the Bible and nature. She would think of a Bible story, the people, the environment, and did her best to bring it to life. However, after leaving grade school, she stopped drawing and painting and worked in the pharmaceutical industry for three decades. She lived in Spain for three years, from 1999 to 2002, and it was here that her love to draw and paint returned.


Upon her return to Toronto in 2002, she took recreational art courses at OCAD and Cedar Ridge Creative Arts  Center.  She worked with watercolours for a few years and then moved on to acrylics, which she uses primarily now.


She continues to paint Biblical scenes from her imagination, as well as landscapes from her travels, and still life paintings of nature. 


A devout Catholic, who had a re-awakening in the past decade, her faith inspires all her paintings. As she reads the stories of the Holy Bible, prays, she uses her artwork as a way of contemplating the stories and finding the answers to her own questions.


Her spiritual landscapes show simple, but strong fields of grass, flowers, streams, brooks. With no people, and few buildings, if any, there is the opportunity to feel part of creation with an invitation to dialogue with God.


She wants everyone to receive the message that God loves them and that His love is mysterious but true and perfect.


She welcomes questions on her paintings or Catholic faith. Please contact her (via this webpage where indicated under "Contact" or directly at