Artist Bio and Statement



As a child, I was in awe of Our Creator. I would recreate scenes inspired by school readings of the Bible. I would wonder what it was like in the moment. What was the time of day, the weather, the atmosphere? Using my imagination, I depicted the scenes on paper using crayons. I was in awe of our Creator.

It is natural I would also contemplate the creation around me.  I would draw and paint trees, fields, flowers, animals. Drawing from memory and imagination came easy to me as I spent much time trying to grasp the essence of each creation.


Decades later, my inspiration remains. Through prayer, contemplation and still using my imagination, I recreate the scenes using acrylic paints on canvas. The characters are painted figuratively but come through me onto the canvas.  Each character has a need, a sorrow, a longing, or a struggle with which I can connect. By confronting Christ, they either triumph over their problems or turn their backs and continue in their misery. 


Having visited many of the places in Israel and Palestine over many trips, I draw on my memory to recreate the geography, history and archaeology of the background. Viewers are taken back in time to the moment I am contemplating but they can connect with the struggles experienced by the characters, and share in their being uplifted through the love, forgiveness and healing of Christ.


I continue to share the awesomeness of creation by painting spiritual and sacred landscapes. With a palette of earth tones, colours are mixed and blended to achieve realism from a distance, and humble brushstrokes of an artist, up close. 


The skies set the mood with its intensity and hue. The foreground highlights the beauty of each individual creation, giving each blade of grass, water ripple, leaf, the attention and dignity they deserve. Every creation is an integral part of an even larger creation.


Though my Catholic faith informs and inspires my artwork, the message is universal. We were all created with the same dignity and love by Our Creator.