Artist Bio and Statement



I am in awe of Our Creator. I contemplate God in everyone, in the beauty of nature and in the hope that I derive from Bible stories.   Using acrylic paints and canvases, I share the awesomeness of creation from the blade of grass to the valleys, fields and mountains.  With a palette of earth tones, colours are mixed and blended to achieve realism from a distance, and humble brushstrokes of an artist, up close. The skies set the mood with its intensity and hue. The foreground highlights the beauty of each individual creation, giving each blade of grass, water ripple, leaf, the attention and dignity they deserve. Every creation is an integral part of an even larger creation.


I create people from my imagination, with each person coming from my mind, through my heart and onto the canvas.  The emotion of the character guides and inspires each stroke of the facial expression right down to the gesture and posture.


Though my Catholic faith informs and inspires my artwork, the message is universal. There is hope in this broken world. There is peace in the midst of chaos, and we are all loved by Our Creator.