Bio and Artist Statement


Hello there! My name is Denise Gracias and I am glad you found my website. You are most welcome to see my artwork that I hope will bring you some joy, hope, and peace.   


I love landscapes of vast areas of space with no end in sight.  I also love the bright colours of the flowers, so fragile, but awesome.  (The Rose of Sharon is my favorite).  


I love reading the Bible and learning about a God Who wants us to know Him and love Him because He loves us more than  we can know.  


I draw inspiration for painting from all of these and more. I work mainly with acrylics but also dabble with water colours, pencil crayons, acrylics and oils. 


I see my work as being "expressive realism".  Every painting is an attempt to bring life to a dead canvas with the universal message that all life from conception to natural death is sacred, unique and unrepeatable....a gift from God. 


I am happy to answer any questions about my Catholic faith, my art, inspiration, showings.


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